UniSS – Sassari

Research activities

The Sassari unit is composed of two people, the scientific coordinator Franco Lai, associate professor (M-DEA/01), and Domenico Branca, research fellow. The general objective of the unit, within the framework of the PRIN project “Ecofrizioni dell’antropocene”, is to contribute, through an anthropological-ethnographic perspective, to the current debate on anthropocene, on the one hand, and on socio-environmental frictions, on the other, starting from the analysis of two case studies. The first, analyzed by Franco Lai, focuses on a local area and, concretely, favors the study of the theme of anthropocene, with particular regard to environmental impact in the Gulf of Cagliari, Sardinia. The second, led by Domenico Branca, focuses on social and environmental frictions in the Peruvian department of Puno, a conflict that confronts the State, the Canadian mining company Bear Creek and local communities. Both cases offer the possibility of analysing, moreover, the interconnections with the processes of patrimonialisation of places, and with the construction – which often becomes reification – of local social identities. In particular, the unit aims to understand the cultural responses that specific local actors – in Sardinia as in Peru – produce in the contexts investigated, both with regard to the human impact on the environment, and with respect to the social and environmental frictions that affect the contexts examined (Objective 1). Moreover, it is proposed to describe and analyze the rhetorical policies of patrimonialization and enhancement of cultural places and identities, with particular reference to the dynamics of tourism and patrimonialization (Objective 2).

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