You can look at the piece of a puzzle for three days in a row believing that you know everything about its configuration and its color, without having taken the slightest step forward: only the possibility of connecting that piece to other pieces counts.
(G. Perec “Life, instructions for use”)

Carried out in collaboration with researchers working in different Sicilian contexts, the documentation of the areas under study of the PRIN project “Ecofrizioni dell’Antropocene” aims to investigate the peculiarities of the territories affected by the petrochemical industrialization process in Sicily (Syracuse, Milazzo and Gela) through the language of photography.
The visual research is composed of moments in which observation and understanding, selection and correlation, combine to tell the complexity of places and people: towns, abandoned places, industrial areas, archaeological sites, banned areas, landscapes-puzzles composed of pieces that find unity and consistency in the gaze that focuses on human signs that mark the space, indelible remnants, traces, stories.
In this sense, photography becomes a cognitive tool able to offer a further reading of the contexts through the author narrative made up of images.