My research analyzes an area of Sicily (the province of Siracusa) where the petrochemical industry coexists with protected areas such as nature reserves, to reconstruct the narratives that reflect different positions on the bond between nature and society, with effects on the linguistic and cultural level. Particular attention is given to neologisms and new terminologies, conflicting metaphors and reading frameworks, interpretative frames that are the main objects of the eco-linguistic research. The narratives produced in situations of contact between modernist discourses on industrial development, on the one hand, and emerging discourses on environmental sustainability, on the other, are of great interest. They reveal not only the perspectives of the various social groups on the processes underway (tourists, economic operators, environmental movements, birdwatchers, etc.), but also the perspectives of the non-human actors involved in the processes themselves. The methodological approach applies different techniques of critical linguistics to data analysis, passive agent deletion, presupposition, pronoun reference, together with other techniques, such as framing analysis (Goffmann), metaphor analysis (Charteris-Black, Lakoff and Johnson), historical-discursive approach (Wodak), multimodal discourse analysis (Baldry and Thibault) and, if necessary, Corpus Linguistics.