The current late industrial landscape of Gela is characterized by a drastic reduction in jobs and extensive environmental degradation, in conjunction with the industrial closure of the Refinery in 2012, and the signing in 2014 of a “New Industrial Plan for Gela”. The research investigates, on the one hand, the communication strategies implemented by ENI to create a new mythopoetic narrative to support a green industrial future in the area, and on the other hand, the strategies with which industrial workers and the various subjects operating in the area try to govern the relationship between an economically propulsive past that no longer exists, the present with the environmental consequences of industrialization, and the expectation of an uncertain future. In this phase, the theme of sustainability occupies the greatest possible proportion of ENI’s rhetoric and economic policies of energy saving. The same theme is treated in a completely different way by environmental organizations at local level, in particular LIPU, the Italian League for the Protection of Birds, that manages the “Biviere di Gela” Nature Reserve. My project is trying to approach and integrate these two levels through documentary research and field research.