Thursday 11 May at 16.30
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences Plan I – Via Roma 151 – 07100 Sassari

Greetings from the Director of DUMAS Prof. ALDO M. MORACE

FRANCO LAI – University of Sassari

RICCARDO BADINI – University of Cagliari
Epislogue in Khoskhowara. Science fiction no logos by Gamaliel Churata

PAOLA MANCOSU – University of Cagliari
From human to abominable. Journeys and conquests in contemporary Bolivian and Peruvian science fiction

SUNDAY BRANK – University of Cagliari
Human to non-human. Invasions and disasters in anthropological science fiction in Peru

FRANCESCO BACHIS – University of Cagliari

They discuss
PETER BROWN – Emory University, USA TATIANA COSSU – University of Cagliari