Carlo Maxia
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Carlo Maxia is associate professor of the M-DEA/01 sector in the Department of History, Cultural Heritage and Territory of the University of Cagliari. Her main research interests concern economic anthropology (in particular traditional cooperation and the organization of work in pastoralism), the construction of social and individual identity, globalization (in particular the influences of the global market on consumption in rural societies), anthropology of nature (the relationship between man and animal, ethnosciences, traditional naturalistic knowledge). Specifically, his analysis tends to study the role of “modernization” and globalization on the social and cultural change of rural reality in Sardinia. He is currently working on the analysis of the phenomenon of land grabbing in Sardinia.
Among her publications, L’olismo epistemologico nel discorso sul “fare-dire-sentire” by Giulio Angioni (2015); Sentieri di suoni: dialoghi ed esteticatiche della natura e della cultura (2015); Espropriazione (2015); Coiài su ferru (sposare i campanacci). The aesthetics of sounds in Sardinian pastoralism (2011); Filàdas. Caprari nel Gerrei, Cagliari (2005).