Alessandro Lutri
Alessandro LutriAnthropologist
His research…

I have a PhD in Cultural Anthropology of Complex Societies, and since 2002 I have been teaching anthropological disciplines at the University of Catania where, since 2008, I have been a confirmed researcher at the Department of Humanities. I have carried out ethnographic research on the two Albanian diasporas in Sicily, publishing articles and the monograph “Immaginarsi arbereshe. Pratiche e cognizione dell’identità in una comunità dell’Arberia siciliana” (2005). More recently in the field of political ecology, I have dealt with territorial movements and dynamics related to reconversion in the industrial area of Gela. I have dealt with theoretical and epistemological questions concerning both cognitive anthropology (“Modelli della mente e processi del pensiero”, 2008; “Umano troppo umano. La questione natura/cultura nell’antropologia contemporanea”, 2009) as well as the theory and practice of the anthropology of the possible, publishing essays and curating them (“Immaginare forme di vita. Letture intorno ed oltre il metodo di Ludwig Wittgenstein”, 2017). I have also written an introduction to anthropology (“Forme di vita e natura umana. Una mappa per il sapere antropologico”, 2013).