I am associate professor of English language at the Department of Political and Social Sciences of the University of Catania. My fields of research are linguistics, especially Critical Discourse Analysis, political discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, conversational analysis and pragmatics. My research concerns a wide range of social topics, including politics, religion, minority languages, politeness phenomena and, most recently, the Blues. I have published several monographs and research papers on these topics (“Churchill and Blair, a Study of Wartime Persuasion”, 2007; “For Arguments’ Sake”, 2011). My latest research is within the scientific paradigm of ecolinguistics, an attempt to apply Critical Discourse Analysis techniques to ecological issues. Together with Mara Benadusi, I worked on the environment and petrochemical plants of Priolo/Melilli with the University project “Smart Assemblages: Frictions, Disasters and Green Economy” (FIR 2014), and this is the work I am currently continuing within this project PRIN, focusing in particular on the reserve of the LIPU “Saline di Priolo”.