Francesco Zanotelli
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I am a wandering researcher: Venetian-Ligurian of origin, living in Tuscany, working in Sicily. I trained in Siena in Philosophy and Anthropology, specialized in Turin with a doctorate in Anthropological and Historical-Territorial Sciences and, after teaching in Siena, Modena, Venice, Bologna, I landed in Messina where I am a senior researcher. My research fields, for the moment, have been “there” the “desindianized” Mexico (sur de Jalisco) and the indigenous Mexico (Isthmus of Oaxaca), “here” the southern Tuscany and the southern ones in Tuscany. I have published articles and essays and the book Santo Dinero, on the categories of debt, micro-credit, the cultures of finance and moral economy. I’m also interested in anthropology of kinship (with S. Grilli we edited Family Choices) and moving populations (Emigrare nell’ombra, edited with F. Berti). I am currently interested in the ecological shift in the global economy and its interaction with local political dynamics, with a special focus on the perspective on wind, environmental sustainability and the “end of the world” from the point of view of the Ikojts of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca.